About Tae Sup Wi’ A Fifer

Tae Sup Wi’ A Fifer is a club night hosted and programmed by James Yorkston and based at the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy.

“With Tae Sup wi’ a Fifer, I just try and mix things up, keeping the line-ups interesting, not one particular genre or theme to a night… A lot of the people I ask to play are friends who I’ve known for years, or just people I’ve met on the road whose music has taken to me. It’s a’ braw though, and when programming Tae Sup, I just think Who would I like to see? and work from there…” – James Yorkston

The line-ups thus far have been:

 Tae Sup # 1 ~ Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells / Aidian O’Rourke (Lau) / Sheena Wellington

Tae Sup # 2 ~ Karine Polwart / Dick Gaughan / Lisa O’Neill

Tae Sup # 3 ~ Steve Mason / Richard Dawson / Pip Dylan

Tae Sup # 4 ~ Karine Polwart / James Robertson / James Yorkston (The Spree, Ayr.)

Tae Sup # 5 ~ Martin Carthy / Alexis Taylor / Geoff Hattersely

Tae Sup # 6 ~ Linton Kwesi Johnson / Kathryn Joseph / Randolph’s Leap

Tae Sup # 7 ~ Malcolm Middleton / Viking Moses / Yorkston Thorne Khan

Tae Sup # 8 ~ King Creosote / Kadialy Kouyate / Laura Cannell

Tae Sup # 9 ~ Roddy Woomble / Oliver Coates / Yorkston Thorne Khan

Tae Sup # 10 ~ Lankum (Lynched) / Michael Chapman / Harry Giles

Tae Sup # 11 ~ Martin Simpson / Duke Special / Seamus Fogarty

Tae Sup # 12 ~ The Vaselines / Salena Godden / Marry Waterson & David A Jaycock

Tae Sup # 13 ~ Philip Selway (Radiohead) / David Thomas Broughton / Kathryn Williams

Tae Sup # 14 ~ Scott Hutchison (fRabbit) / Serafina Steer / Alasdair Roberts

Tae Sup # 15 ~ Ian McMillan / Grace Petrie / Withered Hand

Tae Sup # 16 ~ Phill Jupitus / Michael Hurley / Siobhan Wilson

Tae Sup # 17 ~ Carl Stone / Pictish Trail / Thomas McCarthy

Tae Sup # 18 ~ Emma Pollock / Martin Carr (Boo Radleys) / Rachel Sermanni

Tae Sup # 19 ~ Sheena Wellington / Richard Dawson / Lorna Goodison / Jeet Thayil

Tae Sup # 19 ~ Justin Currie / Bigid Mae Power / Nell Ní Chróinín

Tae Sup # 20 ~ Roddy Woomble (Idlewild) / Archie Fisher / Ora Cogan

Tae Sup # 21 ~ Vashti Bunyan / Audiobooks / Michael Pedersen

Tae Sup # 22 ~ Gruff Rhys / Brighde Chaimbeul / James Yorkston

Tae Sup # 23 ~ Josephine Foster / Jenny Lindsay / Adrian Crowley

Tae Sup # 24 ~ Horse McDonald / Daoiri Farrell / Kaviraj Singh

Tae Sup #25 ~ Jane Weaver / Ian Rankin / Callum Easter

Tae Sup # 26 ~ Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai) / BELL LUNGS / Gwenifer Raymond

Tae Sup # 27 ~ Hollie McNish / Ye Vagabonds / Nancy Kerr & Luke Daniels

Tae Sup # 28 ~ Josie Long / Özgür Baba / Rachel Newton

A wee bit about James Yorkston:


Growing up in the village of Kingsbarns in Fife, James has been releasing a series of much acclaimed albums on Domino Records since 2002 – His debut album ‘Moving Up Country’ was ‘Rough Trade Album of the Year’. James’ “big-break” came a year previously, after he sent a demo cassette to folk-rock legend John Martyn asking for a support slot on the Edinburgh date of John’s upcoming tour, only for John to hear the cassette and offer James all 31 dates of the tour.

James is an integral original member of the much lauded and hugely influential Fence Collective (King Creosote, Pictish Trail, Beta Band etc) and his style shows a mastery of folk traditions, often drawing on traditional songs, which has seen him collaborate with such heritage artists as the Waterson family, Martin Carthy and the late Bert Jansch, whilst producing his own albums alongside contemporary artists such as Four Tet, Rustin Man, David Wrench, KT Tunstall and Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip). He has toured his music all over Europe & North America.

James has had two books published – ‘It’s lovely to be Here – The Touring Diaries of a Scottish Gent’ (2012) and a novel, Three Craws (2016). Recently, James has toured around Europe and India with the Indianjazzracket trio Yorkston Thorne Khan, releasing two albums on Domino Records, Everything Sacred (2016) & Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars (2017).

 James has been featured many times on UK television (Including twice on BBC2’s The Culture Show, Newsnight Review, a 20-minute documentary screened on Channel 4 and a second documentary filmed for MTV, etc), as well as appearing on TV in Greece, Ireland, Germany, Poland, France, Canada, Italy & America.

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